Sales Meeting Tune-up

It is very common at the higher levels of sports that a trainer would review films of a match in order to fix problem areas or help the athlete to better identify opportunities in the future. For many years now, this has been a key service we deliver to higher level salespeople. (Telekta does not help athletes) However, the trend in selling toward zoom-style meetings and more concentrated meetings make this easier than ever and demand for the service increases.


Zoom-style sales meeting work great for this type of analysis. It is less and less awkward to ask to record a call for training purposes and lots of tools exist to make a recording in a more “shades of grey” hidden way. (Note, in all cases, the recordings are destroyed in the next days.)

In the heat of the battle, both athletes and sales people rely on preparation and instinct to react– few things are better at identifying weaknesses and unexploited opportunities than having an unbiased expert slowly review a real performance. This approach is far more effective that the traditional theory-based sales training or coaching.

Since salespeople have almost never tried this technique, the initial improvements are usually nearly instant and dramatic.

How a Sales Call Meeting Analysis Works

  • The coach reviews the recording taking notes on time marks and subjects while looking for things like:
    • Did the demo start from the finished result and work backward or did it start like a training course?
    • Did the salesperson earn the right to ask questions?
    • Did the salesperson use open questions and get the prospect talking about their problem?
    • Where was the salesperson earning trust and where was it slipping away?
    • Exact wording of key ares: eg. price, weaknesses of the product, objection handling…
    • Did the meeting guide the customer, get the strongest close for the day, and setup a followup.
    • What questions did the salesperson forget?
  • Together, the coach and salesperson review the notes.
    • The recording can be re-listened when needed.
    • Alternatives can be discussed. Alternative language, engagement techniques, etc
    • Role playing practice on a specific problematic section (usually a few seconds of conversation) until is works much better.
    • Often structure and sequence of the sales call elements will be redesigned as well.
  • Followup on the next recording review. Did the changes get into the next salescall meeting?

The Sales Call Meeting Review Package

Killer zoom meetings
  • 3 Cycles of the Analysis: 3 Recorded meetings are reviewed with Matt Mayfield over a 30 to 90day period.
  • Each cycle includes:
    • Review of recording up to 1hr long
    • Scheduled 1.5hr review session of notes, corrections, and role playing via zoom-style remote conference.
    • Recording of the review session is a deliverable + destruction of any customer recordings.
  • Cost: 1600€ (+VAT as applicable) paid in advance.

Other Details

  • Contact for more details or to schedule a start
  • Recording a sales meeting is relatively simple:
    • Nearly every platform has a recording option. If you explain the purpose and that it will be quickly deleted, most are completely ok.
    • If you don’t want to bring up the subject with a prospect, there are numerous tools to record without notifying– a quick google search will find them for your video conferencing tool of choice and OS. The voice part of the meeting is the most important part– even a voice recording from a nearby mobile phone is usually good enough.
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