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Tech Stack for Sales

21.08.2020 No comments

I regularly get requests about what tools I use for selling B2B with new products yet create a system that can scale.

These tools are set up around a small sales team, B2B, and non-regional customer base. For larger scale customers & sales teams, all roads lead to the Salesforce ecosystem, but for those starting this ecosystem is too expensive and too complex. Even if your company has an existing tech stack, there is an argument for using this cheaper and more agile tools in the beginning as you are trying to figure things out. All of these tools are either free or below $50/month to use.

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The Premium Pricing Trap

17.08.2020 No comments

What would happen if you had an irrationally high selling price?

I love mind experiments. Some years ago I started to wonder if our price had become irrationally high. Christensen’s disruption theory explains how companies can chase the premium segment of the market and be blind to an at-first inferior competitor until they become irrelevant. How would we know? Was it possible that our premium pricing and positioning had gone too far? If we had an entirely wrong price (too high) and yet still had customers and new sales, what would the business look like?

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